About us

Just think about it: How nice would it be for everyone to read positive, relaxing content every single day? To relax in the early morning before you start your busy day or maybe when you get home? Well, we hear ya! We are Happy Read, your online source of daily positivity!

Reports show that over two-thirds of online users encounter fake news at least once a week and negative news at least 5 times per day! Wow… It seems there’s enough negativity out there to rule the world. Bad news sells, especially now that the online world has made it easy to distribute content fast to millions of people. At Happy Read, we aim to change that. 

Our Mission

We believe that the content we consume can influence the way we think, what we believe, and how we behave. So, why not ‘flip the script’ and influence the world for the better?

Happy Read focuses on news, facts, and tips that have a positive twist. Take positivity everywhere you go. Learn something about everything. Find needy little tips and tricks that’ll make life easier. Explore the most interesting facts. Read the most positive, feel-good stories from around the world on a variety of topics. All in one place. 

The Content You Love

Happy Read was started with the goal of providing useful and inspiring content from all areas of life. From kitchen tricks to make-up tips, there is something for everyone. We do our best to fact-check and ensure the accuracy of all the content we share – we even test it ourselves! 

The Happy Read team appreciates you taking the time to read more about who we are. To all the feel-gooders out there, we ask you to share the happy reads you enjoy here with anyone who might do the same.

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